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gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is discrimination between men’s and women’s earnings. Women are mostly paid less for their work, which makes them more disappointed about their financial needs. Mostly women considered they paid less as compared to men. The gender pay gap causes social problems as women become dependent on social welfare payments, especially in old age. It boosts the ethical problems, so many countries make legislation against the gender pay gap and become illegal in the UK. They decide the equal wage rate for men and women for the same job. Gender pay critical gap issue for society and can not be possible to ignore.

Gender pay gap as an ethical perspective of ethics

Ethics relates to the conflict between two morally correct options in society. Ethics encourage people to take their responsibilities according to their social and cultural values. Nowadays, women are working along with men, which encourages equal rights for both men and women. Besides this, some ethical issues have been created due to misconceptions about women’s working output. But generally, it’s not correct that women can work at an equal level with men.

EDF Energy Customer Limited provides energy facilities to the people and has thousands of employees. The company’s motive is to facilitate the public and also the company employers. The company announces jobs to the general public without any gender discrimination. Gender discrimination has become important in society, which has boosted other related issues like the gender pay gap. The gender pay gap relates to the salary difference between men and women, which occurs due to discrimination and working strength. This issue resulted in a lack of promotion.

Managers can identify the gender pay gap issue in the organization by analyzing women’s promotions from the last few years. If the company identifies a gender pay gap issue in the organization, then it’s the women’s moral right to get a promotion.

Influence the public image of the company

The qualifications of men and women are almost the same, but gender discrimination causes many ethical issues, including the gender pay gap. Society allows the general public equal rights, and the legislation decides the labour and equal wage rate for men and women rules. In this scenario, if any company disobeys the country’s legislation relating the women’s wage or their promotion, it can lose credibility and face legal issues. The company must restructure its grade promotion procedure, which allows all its employees equal promotion rights and wages for women. According to BBC analysis, it was noted that in last year’s many companies, female employers have to face the gender pay gap, where women have to work the same as men but paid wage less.

Accordingly, if the company provides equal announcements for women and men and gives them an equal chance for promotion will be encouraged by society, due to which the government has to make legislation for this issue and notify the company which has more than 250 employers to publish its pay gap list (BBC, 2020).

Alternative ways are there to think about a business’s role in society

Businesses facilitate society by providing them the products and services against some remuneration. Businesses are just not established to make revenue. The Management of the company also must contribute to the welfare of society. Businesses can contribute physically, like environmental concerns and providing jobs to locals and morally like in politics. Equal remuneration laws for women are implemented by the company duties and they have to give women remuneration according to their work compared to men because many organizations pay less to women against their work and give less promotion.

Business can be sustained in a society if it works according to society’s values and follows its rules and regulations. Business plays a vital role in society, politics, and culture. By following the rules and regulations, the business makes a positive image in society. The gender pay gap becomes a critical issue in society, which occurs due to gender discrimination and the lack of values, as women work equally to men but get wages less. Promotions in an organization have also been assaulted by this discrimination, which prefers the men. The median pay gap is the difference between the remuneration of men and women. The issue can be measured by lining up the men and women according to their gender and the pay scale. The centralized men’s salary will be equal to the high-ranked women; this scenario clearly shows the gender pay gap. The organization which doesn’t prevent the gender pay gap has to face legal issues and the effect of its image in society.

Stakeholders impacted in the scenario you are reporting on and how are they impacts

An organization in a society can be successful and get recognition if it adopts rules and values. The main stakeholders that are fully involved in society’s Management can impact the new policies. Stakeholders of the Organization, which includes the Management and the company manager, can fully affect the policy of equal pay scale. It’s the right of the women to get equal remuneration to the men for the same work.

Some government and political factors work as stakeholders because businesses are under their orders and make decisions as per their requirements.

Good choices benefit companies, and bad choices have a negative impact

Companies can categorize themselves by analyzing the choices that have been adopted. Companies that have adopted equal opportunities for men and women for the job, equal opportunity for promotions, equal salaries, and bounces can be categorized as good choice benefits companies. These companies get too many benefits, and society realises that the company has followed society’s values. These good choices resulted in high revenue improved business recognition, and customer positive support. These good choice companies take women’s responsibility and their rights, especially when women become mothers because, at this time, the real pay gap rises.

Bad choice companies include those companies which have more chances of the gender pay gap. The gender pay gap occurs in many cases, like the mean pay gap, which means that men’s total salaries are more than women’s total salaries. The median pay gap means many middle-rank men’s salaries are more than the high-rank women’s salaries. This gender pay gap creates many discrepancies in the organization, which has damaged the credibility of the organization in society. The government has introduced the law of equal pay, whose main purpose is to remove this negative choice. These negative choices have created many negative impacts on the benefits of the company. Like, it decreases the company’s recognition and loyal customers.


The government law equal pay act notices that organizations with more than 250 employees must provide the public with the list of pay of all its employees. This list will show the opportunities for men’s and women’s promotion. This law removes the many discriminations in the pay scale for both men and women.

Business recognition in society can be possible by adopting their values and the laws of the relevant government. This act makes the business more successful because by following laws public can be recognized by the business. It’s the ethical responsibility to give women equal rights, especially in the pay scale, because women will pay less for their work. The gender pay gap is impossible to ignore because women are the mothers of society. If they are not financially strong in the future, they will depend on trust payments, which can increase the financial burden.


A person who leads the organization with full influence is mostly known as a leader. Responsible for his team and achieving the targets with his team within the prescribed time. Ethics matters a lot for successful leadership because it attracts others and assists them during tense circumstances. Qualities of trust and decision power make him a leader.

 An ethical leader must promote equal rights for all of his employees without any gender discrimination. The ethical leader must give equal opportunities to the general public. Women face gender pay gap issues, but the ethical leader creates equal pay for both men and women according to their work. The government has introduced equal pay for men and women because women have to face the gender pay gap in extreme circumstances. Companies that follow the rule of equal pay scale for men and women can easily recognize society.   Ethical leadership proves his guts during unethical circumstances. Sometimes, organizations have to face many consequences while the work burden and short time target, then many unethical issues are generated. It’s a time for a leader to make decisions on an ethical basis, motivate his employers and the Management, and don’t feel their panic.

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