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Some interesting information about how our body reacts during fasting

On the first day

The blood sugar level drops, which means that the harmful effects of sugar in the blood are reduced. Heart rate slows down and blood pressure decreases i.e. BP falls. Nerves release stored glycogen, which leads to a feeling of physical weakness. The first phase of detoxification results in a headache. dizziness Bad breath and accumulation of material on the tongue

From third to seventh fast:

Body fat is broken down and converted into glucose in the first step. Some people’s skin becomes soft and greasy. The body begins to get used to hunger and thus the year-round digestive system takes a much-needed break. White blood cells and immunity begin to increase. has to go There may be slight discomfort in the lungs of the fasting person because the process of cleansing the toxins has started. Repair of intestines and colon begins. Accumulations on the walls of the intestines begin to loosen

From eighth to fifteenth fast:

You already feel energetic. Mentally feel agile and light. Old injuries and wounds may not start to feel. Because now your body has become more active and stronger to defend itself. The body begins to eat its own dead or cancerous cells, which are normally tried to be killed with chemotherapy. For this reason, the feeling of old suffering and pain from the cells increases relatively. Tension in the nerves and legs is a natural result of this process. This is a sign of the ongoing process of immunity. Daily salt gargling is the best treatment for nervous stiffness.

From the sixteenth to the thirtieth fast:

The body has become completely accustomed to tolerating hunger and thirst. You brace yourself. Chok and Choo feel off. These days your tongue becomes very clear and red. Breath is also refreshed. All the toxic substances in the body have been eliminated. The digestive system has been repaired. Excess fat and irregular substances have been removed from the body. The body starts performing its duties with its full strength. After twenty days, the mind and memory become sharper. The ability to concentrate attention and thinking increases. Undoubtedly, the body and soul become able to pay the blessings of the third decade in full.

This was the benefit of the world, which indeed our creator imposed on us for our good. But look at the way of His mercy is gracious that by obeying His commandments, we will beautify this world as well as our hereafter Made the best arrangement.

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